'Mastering the Machine Revisited' is about the connection between poverty, aid and technology. It is about a search that has been going on, officially in the developing world for over forty years, and less officially in most countries since the beginning of time. It is a search driven today by more hard core poverty than has ever been known, and by

part One|62 pages

The failure to learn from failure

chapter Chapter I|17 pages

A tale of two worlds

chapter Chapter II|14 pages

Poverty in the South

chapter Chapter III|13 pages

The best of the West; thinking big

chapter Chapter IV|16 pages

The third sector and the Third World

part Two|119 pages

What We Know

chapter Chapter V|17 pages

Technology in history: lies and promises

chapter Chapter VI|17 pages

Small is beautiful

chapter Chapter VII|17 pages

Farmers, food and forests

chapter Chapter VIII|16 pages

Post-harvest technologies

chapter Chapter IX|16 pages

Energy and power

chapter Chapter X|17 pages

The house that Jack built: construction materials

chapter Chapter XI|17 pages

Light engineering and the very late starters

part Three|62 pages

An enabling environment

chapter Chapter XII|12 pages

Perspectives on women and technology

chapter Chapter XIV|20 pages

Technology: the policy factor

chapter Chapter XV|16 pages

Mastering the machine