Developing Thinking Skills Through Creative Writing: Story Steps for 9-12 Year Olds is a practical and easy-to-use teacher resource helping children across a wide age and ability range to develop the skills necessary to write more effectively. Step-by-step instructions encourage children to tackle tasks of increasing difficulty while broadening their knowledge and experiences of fictional genres.

With chapters separated into distinct genres: ghost story, fantasy, science fiction, history, pirate story, thriller and Gothic horror, this book:

  • Offers a summary at the start of each chapter to help teachers select the relevant activities.
  • Covers multiple aspects of storytelling from narrative structure, plots, characters and settings to vocabulary, word choice, sentence structure and punctuation.
  • Provides a cross referencing grid showing which aspects of writing appear in each chapter.
  • Includes guidance notes, extension activities and general tips.

Adaptable to different teaching situations, this book offers the opportunity for teachers to work through the book genre by genre or take a 'skills route' with different activities from different chapters to create their own programme of study. Fully illustrated and supporting the requirements of the National Curriculum, Developing Thinking Skills Through Creative Writing is a valuable aid for all Key Stage 2 teachers.

chapter |3 pages


chapter |26 pages

Writing a ghost story

chapter |26 pages

Writing a fantasy story

chapter |32 pages

Writing a science fiction story

chapter |30 pages

Writing a historical story

chapter |20 pages

Writing a pirate story

chapter |26 pages

Writing a thriller story

chapter |28 pages

Writing a Gothic horror story

chapter |20 pages

General tips when teaching writing

chapter |4 pages

Story steps – vocabulary

chapter |3 pages

Story steps checklist