This book was first published in 1968 First appearing in 1907, René Huchon with the help of original manuscripts rewrote the biography of Crabbe published by his son in 1834. As the title suggests, however, Huchon was not merely concerned with the presentation of Crabbe as a literary figure in isolation, and by conjuring up the atmosphere and background of the eighteenth century he is able to shed new light on Crabbe's poetry.There are descriptions of Aldborough, of the desolate heaths and marshy wastes where Crabbe spent his unhappy youth, which together with his background of poverty, and familiarity with the life of the country poor, led him to revolt against the current trend of pastoral poetry.

At the time the most detailed study of Crabbe, this work is of foremost importance, for rarely is a poety placed so securely in his setting, and both followers of the poet, and devotees of the eighteenth century will welcome this being freely available agian.

part First |1 pages

Youth and Early Poems (1754—1781)

chapter Chapter I|35 pages

Aldborough (1754—1768)

chapter Chapter II|24 pages

Wickham Brook and Woodbridge (1768—1775)

chapter Chapter III|21 pages

Aldborough (1775—1780)

chapter Chapter IV|48 pages

London (1780—1781)

part Second |1 pages

The Chaplain and Poet of Country Life (1782—1785)

chapter Single Chapter|52 pages

The Chaplain; His “Village” and “Newspaper”

part Third |1 pages

The Clergyman and His Parish Register (1786—1807)

chapter Chapter I|33 pages

Crabbe as a Clergyman and His Religious Opinions

chapter Chapter II|33 pages

“The Parish Register”

part Fourth |2 pages

Crabbe’S Realism

chapter Single Chapter|58 pages

“The Borough”

part Fifth |2 pages

Crabbe as Writer of Tales and Moralist

chapter Chapter I|58 pages

The “Tales in Verse”

chapter III|28 pages

The “Tales of The Hall”

chapter IV|46 pages

Closing Years (1819—1832)