Originally published in 1986, this translated version of Giovanni Boccaccio's Il Filostrato is of particular interest as the principal source for Chaucer's great work, the Troilus. This edition includes the original Italian alongside the translation, so that even the English reader with no knowledge of Italian will be able to make out a good deal of the original assisted by a close translation.

chapter |1 pages


chapter |11 pages


part |1 pages

Parte Prima

chapter |33 pages

Part One

part |1 pages

Parte Seconda

chapter |79 pages

Part Two

part |1 pages

Parte Terza

chapter |51 pages

Part Three

part |1 pages

Parte Quarta

chapter |91 pages

Part Four

part |1 pages

Parte Quinta

chapter |41 pages

Part Five

part |1 pages

Parte Sesta

chapter |19 pages

Part Six

part |1 pages

Parte Settima

chapter |57 pages

Part Seven

part |1 pages

Parte Ottava

chapter |20 pages

Part Eight

part |1 pages

Parte Nona

chapter |6 pages

Part Nine