This book is about the challenges that emerge for organizations from an ever faster changing world. While useful at their time, several management tools, including classic strategic planning processes, will no longer suffice to address these challenges in a timely and comprehensive fashion. While individual management tools are still valid to solve specific problems, they need to be employed based on a clear understanding of what the greater challenge is and how they need to be combined and prioritized with other approaches. In order to do so, companies can apply the clarity of thinking from the military with regard to which leadership level is responsible for what and how these levels need to interact in order to produce a single aligned response to an outside opportunity or threat. Finally, the tool of business wargaming, while known for some time, proves to be an ideal approach to quickly and effectively bring all leadership levels together, align them around a common objective and lay the groundwork for effective implementation of targeted responses that will keep the organization competitive and in the game for the long run.

The book offers a comprehensive introduction to business wargaming, including a historical account, a classification of different types of games and a number of specific real-world examples.

This book is targeted at practicing managers dealing with the aforementioned challenges, as well as for students of business and strategy at every level.

Introduction. Part One: Challenges Of A VUCA World And The Need For A New Approach 1. Vuca As A Driver For Change 2. Strategy As A Tool To Deal With Uncertainty 3. The Essence Of A "Joint Approach" - Lessons From Military Planning 4. The "Joint Approach" In A Civilian Context  Part Two: Background To Wargaming 5. The History Of Wargaming 6. Business Wargaming Methodology Part Three: Wargaming In Practice 7. Tactical Wargaming 8. Operational Wargaming 9. Strategic Wargaming 10. Hindsight: How Well Does Business Wargaming Work? And Why Does Business Wargaming Work? Part Four: Business Wargaming In Teaching 11. Challenges In Teaching In A VUCA World 12. Reflection On Applying Business Wargaming In The Classroom: Critical Success Factors Part Five: How To Get Started 13. Design, Execution, And Evaluation Outlook And Conclusion