Developing and executing marketing strategies is a vital aspect of any business and few books currently cover this with relation to creative industries. This textbook provides students and managers in the creative industries with a solid grounding in how to maximize the impact of their marketing efforts across a range of business types in the creative and cultural industries.

The author, an experienced cultural marketing educator, provides sector-contextual understanding to illuminate the field by:

• taking a strategic approach to developing marketing plans;

• bringing together strategic planning, market research, goal setting, and marketing theory and practice;

• explaining how content marketing on social media encourages a relationship with consumers so that they co-promote the creative product.

With a range of learning exercises and real-life examples throughout, this text shows students how to create successful marketing plans for their creative businesses. This refreshed edition is a valuable resource for students and tutors of creative, cultural and arts marketing worldwide.

Introduction  1. Marketing Strategy in a Social Media Age  2. Planning Marketing Strategically  3. Analyzing Internal Resources and External Forces  4. Researching Current and Potential Customers  5. Establishing Strategic Goals  6. Understanding Consumer Motivation and Segmentation  7. Discovering Product Benefits  8. Determining the Product Price  9. Distributing the Product to the Consumer  10. Creating Marketing Media  11. Using Owned Media to Gain Earned Media  12. Implementing the Marketing Plan  Appendix