As a student, and in any profession based on your studies, you need good oral communication skills. It is therefore extremely important to develop your ability to converse, to discuss, to argue persuasively, and to speak in public. Speaking for Yourself provides clear, straightforward advice that will help you:

  • be a good listener
  • express yourself clearly and persuasively
  • contribute effectively to discussions
  • prepare talks or presentations
  • prepare effective visual aids
  • deliver effective presentations
  • perform well in interviews.

In short, it will help you to express your thoughts clearly and persuasively – helping to achieve your short and medium-term goals as a student and your career goals.

1. Speaking for Yourself  2. Conversing  3. Discussing your Work  4. The Words you Use  5. Your Use of Words  6. Preparing a Talk or Presentation  7. Instead of Words (Using Visual Aids)  8. Speaking to an Audience  9. Finding Information  10. Being Interviewed