This book encourages the commitment of teachers and parents, in order to develop responsible, self reliant and knowledgeable young people with great leadership skills. Although the books main focus is on the development of the child and their leadership skills, it also has a subtle approach to the development of the teacher and parent.

The book aims to:

  • examine the principles of leadership from the teachers perspective
  • look in to what leadership means to children and how they can be educated to be better leaders
  • explore and strengthen existing good practice in schools, developing what teachers do in the classroom and its impact on leadership.

In this book Hilarie Owen shares her extensive knowledge and experience with teachers and parents alike, enabling them to develop leadership talent and pass these skills on to children of all ages.

Introduction  Part 1 The Teachers' Perspective  1. What leadership means to teachers  2. Factors affecting a child's leadership ability  3. Teachers as leaders  Part 2 The Pupils Perspective  4. What leadership means to pupils  5. How and when children gain leadership skills  6. Does the type of school a child attaends affect their leadership ability  Part 3 The Implementation  7. How to strengthen good practice in schools  8: Developing what teachers do in the classroom  9: Supporting leadership learning  Conclusion