Constructive Talk in Challenging Classrooms gives the practising teacher advice on how to make learning fun through the use of ‘talk’ and collaborative group work. Using clear examples, tried and tested in some of the most challenging classrooms in inner city schools, the book offers practical and honest advice on both the difficulties and rewards that can be gained when employing all forms of talk-based teaching in the classroom. 

Packed with real examples of successful talk based lessons with children of all abilities and needs, this book will show teachers how they can succeed in overcoming problems of disruption and engage even the most difficult pupils in real learning through talk.

The book shows that bringing the child's individual experience into a lesson through talk has huge emotional and psychological benefits – this can be particularly marked in classrooms where there are low levels of literacy, behaviour issues or where pupils’ first language is not English. The author argues that talk is vital for building positive relationships and essential for successful teaching, particularly in the difficult classrooms.

This inspiring title is essential reading for any teacher interested in building trust and making learning fun and meaningful for all.

chapter |7 pages


chapter 3|13 pages

Paired talk

chapter 4|20 pages

Group talk

chapter 5|11 pages


chapter 6|21 pages

Drama for the non-specialist

chapter 7|7 pages

Special Educational Needs and talk

chapter 8|6 pages

Gender and talk

chapter 9|9 pages

Pupils evaluating talk

chapter 10|19 pages

Teachers assessing talk

chapter 11|11 pages

Training teachers for talk