Much has been written on China's State-Owned Enterprises ( SOEs) reform following the restructuring impact on China's economic reform process in the last decade. However, as a major root of social and economic change, little has been discussed beyond a description of SOEs shortcomings and their overall impact on the economy. This book provides a more in-depth analysis of SOEs by assessing the transformation process of eleven specific industries, with reference to the state of competition, the influence of WTO membership and the challenges these industries face in the future. Importantly, the authors also provide a personal perspective alongside the industry analysis with eleven case studies of firms actually undergoing this restructuring process, including interviews with crucial agents of reform such as CEOs and GMs.

The provision of both a macro and business perspective of SOEs reforms provides the reader with a complete and accurate insight into the economic, social and business reality of China today. China's State Owned Enterprises' Reforms will therefore be essential reading for those interested in the Chinese economy and Chinese business, as well as economists, foreign investors, MBA and EMBA students and scholars specializing in emerging or transitional economies.

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Home appliances

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Civil aviation

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Conclusions: Final summary