Preface  Acknowledgements  Glossary  Foreword Alice Ackermann, OSCE Conflict Prevention Centre  1. Violent Postmodern Conflict: A Need to Go Beyond Symptoms  2. A Framework for Analyzing Violent Postmodern Conflict  3. A Model for Responding to Violent Postmodern Conflict  4. Eliciting the Wisdom of CSCE/OSCE Negotiators: Research Design  5. CSCE/OSCE Negotiators' Perceptions of Select Peace and Security Issues  6. CSCE/OSCE Negotiators' Perceptions of Causes of the Balkan Wars of the 1990s  7. CSCE/OSCE Negotiators' Perceptions of Lessons Learned from the Balkan Wars of the 1990s  8. CSCE/OSCE Negotiators’ Visions of Ideal Peace and Security in Postmodern Europe  9. After 9/11: Peace and Security Issues Revisited  10. Implications for Research, Theory, and Policy  Appendix A  Appendix B  Bibliography Index