E-portfolios are a valuable learning and assessment tool.  They can serve as an administrative tool to manage and organise work, to present course assignments and act as the medium for learners to record their learning goals, outcomes and achievements. They encourage personal reflection and involve the exchange of ideas and feedback.

Using technology in this way supports students' abilities in using and exploiting technology for professional and personal purposes, enabling any time, any place learning and peer learning and facilitating the provision of tutor feedback.

e-Portfolios is a comprehensive, practical guide for lecturers and staff developers who need to know more about the development of purposeful e-portfolios for supporting students in reflecting on their learning.

chapter |6 pages


chapter 1|10 pages

E-portfolios and e-learning

chapter 2|18 pages

The e-portfolio as a tool for learning

chapter 3|22 pages

Getting started with e-portfolios

chapter 4|14 pages

Course design using e-portfolios

chapter 7|15 pages

E-portfolios and inclusive learning

chapter 8|18 pages

Software solutions for a complex concept

chapter 10|11 pages

E-portfolio futures