Featuring contributions from the world's most highly esteemed Asian philosophy scholars, this important new encyclopedia covers the complex and increasingly influential field of Chinese thought, from earliest recorded times to the present day.
Including coverage on the subject previously unavailable to English speakers, the Encyclopedia sheds light on the extensive range of concepts, movements, philosophical works, and thinkers that populate the field. It includes a thorough survey of the history of Chinese philosophy; entries on all major thinkers from Confucius to Mou Zongsan; essential topics such as aesthetics, moral philosophy, philosophy of government, and philosophy of literature; surveys of Confucianism in all historical periods (Zhou, Han, Tang, and onward) and in key regions outside China; schools of thought such as Mohism, Legalism, and Chinese Buddhism; trends in contemporary Chinese philosophy, and more.

chapter |6 pages


chapter |22 pages


Jiuan H

part |2 pages

Confucianism: Ethics and Law by Fuldien LI

part |2 pages

Daxue (Ta Hsu¨eh): The Great Learning

chapter |4 pages

De (Te): Virtue or Power

David S. N

chapter |3 pages

Dong Zhongshu (Tung Chung-shu)

Roger T. A

chapter |6 pages

Egoism in Chinese Ethics

part |2 pages

Fa: Model, Law, Doctrine

part |2 pages

Gongsun Long (Kung-sun Lung)

part |2 pages

Liyi fenshu (Li-i fen-shu): Principle and Manifestations by Shu-hsien LIU

chapter |4 pages


Vincent S

chapter |11 pages

Mou Zongsan (Mou Tsung-san) by Shu-hsien LIU

Shu-hsien L

chapter |14 pages

Philosophy of Art by Stanley MURASHIGE

Stanley M

chapter |9 pages

Philosophy of Culture by Robert C. NEVILLE

Robert C. N

chapter |42 pages

Philosophy of Governance by Stephen ANGLE

Stephen A

chapter |14 pages

Ren (Jen): Humanity

Vincent S

chapter |13 pages

Self-Deception by A. S. CUA

chapter |24 pages

Ti: Body or Embodiment by Chung-ying CHENG

Chung-ying C