Rebels and Renegades examines 350 years of history through the eyes of the uncompromising. Presented in nine clearly written chronological chapters, this comprehensive reference covers the major events and personalities in the history of extremism in the U.S. Besides chronicling the event itself, entries, ranging from 500 to 1000 words, include background information and historic effects. In addition to the chronology, sidebars highlight historical, biographical, cultural, and ethical aspects of the story, tying the past to the present. Topics include the influence of radical idea on the mainstream, the role of violence in radicalism, and the evolving relationship between radicals and the media. An extensive appendix of excerpts, transcripts, and full source documents round out the work.

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chapter |6 pages


chapter 1|28 pages

Colonization and Settlement

chapter 2|32 pages

Revolution and Nation-Building

chapter 3|36 pages

Expansion and Reform

chapter 4|30 pages

Civil War and Reconstruction

chapter 5|36 pages

Industrialization and the Progressive Era

chapter 6|30 pages

World War I and the Roaring Twent ie s

chapter 7|32 pages

The Great Depression and World War II

chapter 8|48 pages

Postwar U nited States

chapter 9|38 pages

Contemporary United States