A timely contribution and incisive analysis, this is the story of the British experiment in privatizing the nuclear power industry and its subsequent financial collapse. It tells how the UK's pioneering role in nuclear power led to bad technology choices, a badly flawed restructuring of the electricity industry and the end of government support for

chapter |6 pages


part |2 pages

Part I The years of optimism (1945–1989)

part |2 pages

Part II A focused industry (1990–1995)

part |2 pages

Part III Life in the private sector (1996–2002)

chapter |14 pages

Privatisation (1996)

chapter |19 pages

Hubris (1997–1999)

chapter |14 pages

Nemesis (1999–2001)

chapter |25 pages

Crisis (2001–2002)

part |2 pages

Part IV Analysis: The causes of the crisis

chapter |21 pages

Financial strategy

chapter |13 pages

Corporate strategy

chapter |10 pages

The power price collapse

chapter |7 pages

The British reactor legacy

chapter |9 pages

The BNFL contracts

part |2 pages

Part V Conclusions: The multiple causes of failure