Thousands of students graduate from university each year. The lucky few have the rest of their lives mapped out in perfect detail – but for most, things are not nearly so simple. Armed with your hard-earned degree the possibilities and career paths lying before you are limitless, and the number of choices you suddenly have to make can seem bewildering.

Life After ... Social Studies has been written specifically to help students currently studying, or who have recently graduated, make informed choices about their future lives. It will be a source of invaluable advice and wisdom to business graduates (whether you wish to use your degree directly or not), covering such topics as:

  • Identifying a career path that interests you
  • Seeking out an opportunity that matches your skills and aspirations
  • Staying motivated and pursuing your goals
  • Networking and self-promotion
  • Making the transition from scholar to worker
  • Putting the skills you have developed at university to good use in life.

The Life After ... series of books are more than simple ‘career guides’. They are unique in taking a holistic approach to career advice - recognising the increasing view that, although a successful working life is vitally important, other factors can be just as essential to happiness and fulfilment. They are the indispensable handbooks for students considering their future direction.

chapter 1|13 pages

Decisions, decisions …

chapter 2|18 pages

Creating your career

chapter 3|14 pages

Working out the ‘how to’

chapter 5|18 pages

Hunting out that right opportunity

chapter 6|17 pages

Proving yourself: From scholar to worker

chapter 7|16 pages

Promoting yourself

chapter 8|12 pages

What’s stopping you? Make it happen!

chapter 9|15 pages

Moving on … Your future

chapter 10|11 pages

Here’s to life!