With the focus on enhancing the ICT competence of the pupils whom you support, this book:

  • shows how you can support students within the ICT programme of study - even if you’re not a confident ICT user yourself
  • tackles tricky issues such as assessment and progression
  • suggests activities for developing skills, familiarity and understanding
  • provides ideas and advice for effective use of ICT in other subjects
  • shows how ICT can be a really effective tool for inclusion.

This can be used as a companion to ‘ICT for Teaching Assistants’

chapter 1|3 pages

What do we mean by ‘ICT’?

part 2|2 pages

What do we teach in ICT?

part 6|2 pages

Helping children review, modify and evaluate work as it progresses

chapter 7|8 pages

What is a ‘breadth of study?’

chapter 9|9 pages

ICT and literacy

chapter 10|4 pages

ICT in mathematics

chapter 11|5 pages

ICT across the curriculum

chapter 12|7 pages

ICT and inclusion