In Human Rights Horizons, one of the world's foremost authorities on human rights and international relations maps out the way to a more just and human global society. Borders are being erased; democracy and capitalism are spreading.  The world is rapidly changing, and these changes are opening the door for the promotion of human rights to become and integral part of worldwide politics and law.In his provocative new book, Falk discusses the borderline between the promotion of human rights and the promotion of interventionist and coercive diplomacy. Can the US and the UN find an acceptable balance between unnecessary, protracted violence (Somalia) and simply letting genocide spread (Rwanda)? While looking at specific cases, Falk also sheds important new light on non-Western attitudes toward human rights, the challenge of genocidal politics, the intersection of morality and global security, and the pursuit of international justice. Thoughtful and very accessibly written,  Human Rights Horizons clearly presents a path to an original new humanitarian policy for the 21st century.

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part |1 pages

PART 1: Framing the Inquiry

chapter 1|23 pages

Pursuing Global Justice

chapter 2|20 pages

A Half-Century of Human Rights

chapter 3|10 pages

Taking Human Rights Seriously at Home

chapter 4|19 pages

Moving Toward Implementation

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PART 2: Substantive Dilemmas

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PART 3: The Future Prospect