This book provides an explanation of key underlying economic principles, allowing the reader to come to a better understanding of the critical factors that structure and guide transport markets. This is done through an examination of the interaction between the behaviour of individual users and providers of transport services and transport authorities actions through the implementation of transport policy. The book also considers on-going reforms in the organisation of all aspects of transport provision. These reforms seek to move transport delivery away from a model of high state intervention towards one that is far more market focused in its approach, thereby significantly increasing individuals’ responsibilities for their own transport actions.

The Economics of Transport covers topics such as;

- The demand and supply of transport services

- Market structures and the underlying economic characteristics of transport markets

- The economics of transport and the environment

- Transport subsidises and regulation

- Transport forecasting and appraisal

With a selection of case studies and exercises, this book will be of use to higher level students. It will also be of interest to professionals in the transport planning, transport modelling and transport economics fields.

chapter 1|12 pages

Introduction to the economics of transport

chapter 2|22 pages

Transport and economic development

chapter 3|28 pages

The market for transport services

chapter 4|32 pages

Transport demand elasticity

chapter 5|31 pages

Transport costs

chapter 6|19 pages

Perfect competition in transport markets

chapter 7|32 pages

Imperfect competition in transport markets

chapter 8|21 pages

The pricing of transport activities

chapter 9|23 pages

Transport and the natural environment

chapter 10|28 pages

Transport regulation and ownership

chapter 11|29 pages

Transport subsidy

chapter 12|31 pages

The economics of freight transport

chapter 13|28 pages

Forecasting the demand for transport

chapter 14|23 pages

Transport appraisal

chapter 15|5 pages

Final thoughts and reflections