The influence of Nazism on German culture was a key concern for many Anglo-American writers, who struggled to reconcile the many contributions of Germany to European civilization, with the barbarity of the new regime.

In German Literature Through Nazi Eyes, H.G. Atkins gives an account of how the Nazis undertook a re-evaluation of German literature, making it sub-ordinate to their own interests. All reference to Jewish writers and influence was virtually eliminated, and key writers such as Goethe and Lessing were re-interpreted. What was left was a military history that was avowedly militant and propagandist.

chapter I|9 pages

The Seizure of Power

chapter II|4 pages

The New Vocabulary

chapter III|32 pages

The Revaluation

chapter IV|6 pages

Heralds of the Third Realm

chapter V|3 pages


chapter 5|2 pages