The Japanese market is an attractive and challenging one. It is essential for foreign companies wanting to establish a growing presence to build operations which are suited to the Japanese. This book focuses on three particular areas: the labour market, the workplace and the market-place. The management of human resources plays an important part in a company’s image in the market. A strong corporate presence is vital to inspire confidence among consumers and the career opportunities and job stability offered by a company reflect its strength. Using case studies and covering topics such as the labour market, corporate organization, decision making and business transactions, this book outlines the way the Japanese organize their companies; it analyzes the approach of foreign firms and stresses the strategies they should adopt to enhance their competitive image. The comprehensive analysis of the Japanese work environment together with its focus on foreign competition will make the book essential reading for all those interested in international business, human resources, marketing and Japanese studies.

part |1 pages

Part I The labour market

chapter 1|11 pages

Society and economy

chapter 2|12 pages

Employment and hiring

chapter 3|11 pages

Work and its environment

part |1 pages

Part II The workplace

chapter 4|16 pages

Work compensation

chapter 5|12 pages

Corporate organization

chapter 6|10 pages

Career in management

chapter 7|9 pages


part |1 pages

Part III The marketplace

chapter 8|12 pages

Business transactions

chapter 9|11 pages

Competitive quality

chapter 10|9 pages

Corporate presence and the foreign fi rm