First published in 1987, this Routledge Revival reissues the first systematic and integrated analysis of working time and employment, reaching to the core elements of a vital area of labour economics. It offers both a comprehensive analysis of the impact of workweek reductions on employment and hours as well as a thorough coverage of part-time employment, temporary lay-offs, short-time working, labour subsidies, social security funding, mandatory and early retirement and collective bargaining.

This book provides the first comprehensive attempt to examine carefully the key economic issues involved in the general policy debate on working time and employment. This reissue will be of serious interest to advanced undergraduates, post-graduates and researchers in labour economics, and will also be relevant to those interested in labour microeconomics, macroeconomics, business economics and management studies.

chapter 1|6 pages

Background and Aims

chapter 3|11 pages

A Labour Market Framework

chapter 4|20 pages

Some Economic Concepts and Relationships

chapter 7|13 pages

4 Introduction

chapter 8|14 pages

Hours, Layoffs and Implicit Contracts

chapter 10|11 pages

Retirement and Employment

chapter 11|12 pages

Collective Bargaining Constraints

chapter 12|6 pages

More Jobs through Shorter Hours?