Some communities exist for tens, even hundreds, of years. Others short-lived. What, then, makes for communal 'success'? Bary Shenker, who lived on a Kibbutz for a number of years, compares the Hutterites, the Kibbutzim and therapeutic communities – and argues that there is no simple formula. Through historical and sociological analysis, combined with personal experience and insight, the author provides fresh thoughts on a form of a social life which fascinates us all. First published in 1986.

part |1 pages

Part A

chapter 1|10 pages

The study of intentional communities

chapter 2|15 pages

A theory of alienation

chapter 3|6 pages

A theory of ideology

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Part B

chapter 4|14 pages

Origins and development

chapter 5|27 pages


chapter 6|14 pages

Ideology, structure and change

chapter 7|11 pages


chapter 8|31 pages

The individual

chapter 9|15 pages

Deviance and conformity

chapter 10|12 pages

Exclusive relations

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Part C

chapter 15|7 pages

9 Notes

chapter 1|6 pages