Today greenness is goodness; non-greenness is not an option. It is therefore critical to advance thinking on why and how business, consumers and policy makers can contribute to the goal of sustainable global wealth creation. This volume analyzes the strategic sustainability issues confronting contemporary business, and explores the transformation in values, strategies, and practices needed by modern businesses to attain sustainable business. It is is developed from a Global Business Symposium organized by the Centre for International Business and Management (CIBAM) at Cambridge University in February 2009, which brought together leading academics, scientists and engineers, government leaders, and business executives to consider the transformation in business values and strategies implicit in sustainability. Green Business, Green Values and Sustainability offers a concise and definitive book on the green transformation of business in major sectors including government, finance, energy, and retail. Different solutions to sustainability are explored including ethical approaches, alternative environmental strategies, corporate responsibility, and carbon reductions.

chapter |8 pages


Then, Now, and Looking Ahead

chapter |7 pages

The Energy Challenge

chapter |15 pages

Economizing, Innovating and Sustainable Economic Performance

A Business School Perspective

chapter |14 pages

Green Values in Communities

How and Why to Engage Individuals with Decarbonization Targets

chapter |13 pages

Green Business and Green Values

A Perspective from Government

chapter |8 pages

Demonstrating Goodness

chapter |29 pages

Sustainable Special Economic Zones

A Call to Action