This book is about media content analysis in the English language print media in South Asia, with reference to certain contemporary issues. It is written from the perspective of the need to analyze media discourses and the ways in which their circulation creates a ‘common sense’ view of the world. The focus is on English language papers and news magazines; additionally, some Hindi, Urdu, and Sindhi newspapers are examined. The highlight is on the ways in which English language publications contribute to and function within middle class matrices of modernity, consumption, conflict, and conservatism in India.

Acknowledgements Introduction Part I. Terrorism and Conflict 1. Kargil and the Consolidation of ‘Indianness: Media Representations of the Kargil Conflict 2. Some Comments on Media Representations of the Gujarat Riots and the Kargil War 3. ‘KARACHI CAPTURED’: Cricketing Wars on the Subcontinent 4. ‘Delhi’s 29/10’: Terror in the Capital Part II. India and Indians in a Globalized World 5. Media Representations in India of the Indian Diaspora in the UK and US 6. ‘Hindi–Chini, Bhai–Bhai’: Indian Media Representations of China Part III. India–Pakistan Media: Comparative Perspectives 7. ‘Dispelling the Spooks about Nukes’: Indian and Pakistan Media on Indo-US Relations 8.’Big Time’: A Seat at the UNSC and Indo-US Relations in Indian and Pakistan Media 9. ‘Hatred must end’: Indo-Pak Media on Kashmir, Terrorism, and the Munabao–Khokrapur Issue 10. ‘Indian Interference in Balochistan’: Indo-Pak Media on Meddling in Others’ Affairs 11. ‘Musharraf among Worst Dictators’: Negative Reportage in Indo-Pak Media Bibliography Index