Throughout United States history, and particularly from the 1930s through the 1960s, education was a sensitive political issue which preoccupied Congresses, Presidents and interest groups. By the time of John F Kennedy’s Presidency federal aid to education was all but inevitable but the disproportionate influence of federal aid adversaries on the House Rule Committee would permit the Kennedy Administration no margin of error. There remained in this subject an abundance of complications and contradictions. This volume addresses the central questions of Kennedy versus Congress and Kennedy versus Kennedy, using a wide range of sources to give a comprehensive focus to this area of political education.

chapter |6 pages


chapter I|9 pages

Camels and Such

chapter II|21 pages

All For One and To Each Its Own

chapter III|18 pages

Back to School

chapter IV|14 pages

Running Before Walking

chapter V|13 pages

‘Bullies’ and Pulpits

chapter VI|16 pages

Where There’s Smoke There’s Straw

chapter VII|17 pages

Right War, Wrong Place, Wrong Time

chapter VIII|15 pages

Quiet Persistence

chapter IX|13 pages

Forever Young

chapter X|18 pages

Better Late...

chapter XI|23 pages

The End of the Beginning

chapter XII|3 pages