In this groundbreaking book Bill Bolton and John Thompson present a completely new take on the conventional domains of entrepreneur, leader and manager. They argue that in today’s turbulent and uncertain world, businesses no longer have the time for a business cycle that begins with an entrepreneur, hands over to a manager and finally brings in a strategic leader when things are flagging. ‘The New Normal’ that now prevails requires that these things run together and calls for a new kind of all-rounder.

Bolton and Thompson give us a new word to describe such a person:

                                                The ENTIREPRENEUR

The entirely competent person, able to discern aright and make things happen.

Drawing upon the successful person-centred approach of their books on entrepreneurs they first tell the stories of over 40 entirepreneurs, demonstrating clearly that such people do exist. After discussing the ‘New Normal’ context they present a fascinating analysis that goes below the surface to describe the key Talent, Temperament, Technique and Discernment attributes that explain the entirepreneur. Readers have the opportunity to make a self-evaluation of their own attribute strengths, concluding with a final ‘entirepreneur’ score.

This fascinating and insightful look at the entirepreneur is a clear pointer to what will be demanded of those who wish to succeed amid the vicissitudes of the 'New Normal’.

part I|65 pages

Entirepreneur stories

part II|44 pages

The entirepreneur and the ‘New Normal’

chapter 2|7 pages

The ‘New Normal’ World Of Business

chapter 3|19 pages

Conventional Wisdom

A commentary and critique

chapter 4|7 pages

Dealing with the ‘New Normal’

chapter 5|7 pages

Growth and Sustainability

part III|97 pages

The person dimension

chapter 6|24 pages

The 3TS—Explained

chapter 7|18 pages

♦ Talent—applied

chapter 8|15 pages

♥ Temperament—Applied

chapter 9|11 pages

♣ Technique—Applied

chapter 10|20 pages

♠ Discernment—Applied

chapter 11|5 pages

♦♥♣♠ The final score