Speed in acquiring the knowledge and skills to perform tasks is crucial. Yet, it still ordinarily takes many years to achieve high proficiency in countless jobs and professions, in government, business, industry, and throughout the private sector. There would be great advantages if regimens of training could be established that could accelerate the achievement of high levels of proficiency. This book discusses the construct of ‘accelerated learning.’ It includes a review of the research literature on learning acquisition and retention, focus on establishing what works, and why. This includes several demonstrations of accelerated learning, with specific ideas, plans and roadmaps for doing so. The impetus for the book was a tasking from the Defense Science and Technology Advisory Group, which is the top level Science and Technology policy-making panel in the Department of Defense. However, the book uses both military and non-military exemplar case studies.

It is likely that methods for acceleration will leverage technologies and capabilities including virtual training, cross-training, training across strategic and tactical levels, and training for resilience and adaptivity.

This volume provides a wealth of information and guidance for those interested in the concept or phenomenon of "accelerating learning"— in education, training, psychology, academia in general, government, military, or industry.

chapter 2|8 pages

Accelerated Learning and Its Challenges

chapter 3|15 pages

The Nature of Proficiency

chapter 4|17 pages

Practice and Feedback

chapter 5|17 pages


chapter 6|18 pages

Retention and Decay

chapter 7|8 pages

Problem and Scenario-Based Training

chapter 8|9 pages

Team Training

chapter 9|19 pages

Demonstrations of Accelerated Expertise

chapter 10|12 pages

Domain Case Studies

chapter 16|7 pages