The economy is global, businesses are increasingly global, management has gone global and there is an increasing demand (and reward) for truly skilled global leaders, managers and executives. Black and Morrison address this change by asking why and when globalization truly began and explain how businesses can adapt themselves to remain competitive in increasingly global markets.

Written by authoritative experts and based on extensive, up-to-date research and interviews with leading global leaders, The Global Leadership Challenge provides practical tools to develop global leadership skills, laying down the capabilities that must be developed and the plans that must be made to meet the globalization challenge.

This will be truly vital reading for middle managers who have ambition for more senior positions, senior managers that are already bumping up against the challenges of global leadership, and top executives who are in the midst of the challenges of global leadership.

1. The Rise of Globalization  2. Globalization's Relevance to You  3. A Framework for Global Leadership  4. Inquisitiveness  5. Global Leaders have Perspective  6. Global Leaders Exhibit Character  7. Global Leaders Demonstrate Savvy  8. Global Leaders: Born or Made? Buy or Build?  9. Developing Global Leaders  10. Intersecting your Career Stage and Leadership Development  11. Mapping your Future as a Global Leader