The School Psychology Supervisor’s Toolkit provides accessible, adaptable strategies for supervising school psychologists at all points in the career span, from internship to advanced practice. The book covers a full range of key considerations for effective supervision, such as building strong working relationships, planning the supervision experience, providing constructive feedback, and addressing problems of professional competence. Features such as definitions of key terms, photocopiable handouts, tips for culturally responsive practice, and real-life case examples make this a rich and easily applied resource.

chapter |4 pages


part |2 pages

Building a Solid Foundation

chapter |18 pages

Supervision Basics

chapter |13 pages

Supervision Planning

part |2 pages

Navigating the Supervision Experience

chapter |15 pages

Communicating Feedback

chapter |11 pages

Evaluating Supervisees

part |2 pages

Professional Issues in Supervision

chapter |13 pages

Ethics and Supervision

chapter |21 pages

Preventing Burnout through Self-Care

chapter |12 pages

Technology and Supervision

part |2 pages

Developmentally Responsive Supervision