Knut Wicksell made enormous contributions to capital theory, monetary theory and fiscal policy. However whilst his books are widely available in English, few of his more than 800 articles have ever been translated. This volume, first published in 1997, includes new translations of Wicksell's contributions to marginalism and capital theory; public economics and unemployment.

I. Marginalism and Capital Theory: 1. In Defence of the Theory of Marginal Utility, 2. Kapital - und Kein Ende!, 3. Lexis and Bohm-Bawerk, 4. On the Theory of Interest II. Income, Taxes and Duties: 5. On the Theory of Tax Incidence, 6. The Inheritance Tax, 7. Tariffs and Wages, 8. High Prices, Tariffs and Wages, 9. Voluntary or Forced Savings, 10. The Historical Development of the Concept of Income, 11. The Concept of Income as Regards Taxation, 12. A Few Comments III. Unemployment: 13. Why Are Factory Operators Being Curtailed