This book was first published in 1977.

part |1 pages

Part One A psychological scenario

chapter 1|4 pages

Strategy and apologia

chapter 2|5 pages

Environment as medium

chapter 3|6 pages

The passive environment?

chapter 4|4 pages

Monotony in reverse

chapter 5|5 pages

Mind before environment

chapter 6|4 pages

The attitudinal model

chapter 7|11 pages

Left, right and centre

chapter 8|4 pages

Images in still waters

chapter 9|5 pages

Emotional needs and remedies

chapter 10|9 pages

Viva vulgarity! and other limbic values

chapter 11|9 pages

Line and shape

chapter 12|7 pages

Colour and texture

part |1 pages

Part Two Towards a concept of value

chapter 13|7 pages

The aesthetic matrix

chapter 14|8 pages

Values in the aesthetic equation

chapter 15|4 pages

Aesthetics and emotion

chapter 16|14 pages

The aesthetics of symbolism

chapter 17|28 pages

Idealized distance

chapter 18|9 pages

Inductive space

chapter 19|15 pages

The gate and the arch

chapter 20|8 pages

The maze factor and urban accents

chapter 21|12 pages

Socially intensive urban space

chapter 22|10 pages

Epitome urbanism

part |2 pages

Part Three From theory to practice

chapter 23|3 pages

The city and optimal mutation

chapter 24|4 pages

Images and fantasies

chapter 25|5 pages

The architect and the city

chapter 26|5 pages

Recent endeavours

chapter 27|18 pages

Interstitial architecture

chapter 28|10 pages

Interstitial tactics

chapter 29|7 pages

Urban contrasts

chapter 30|3 pages

Encore to aesthetics

chapter 31|6 pages

Towards the 'care and culture of man'