This book is divided into three parts. The first deals with typical settelements in each of the seven continents, the early stages of settlements, land surveys and general phases of town evolution. The second part discusses changes in site and patter, from Neolithic to modern times. The third part specializes in topographic and functional controls in modern towns. Chapters on Planning, Regional Surveys and Classification of towns close the book. There are about 300 specially drawn plans and diagrams of towns - which should appeal to the sociologist and town planner as well as to every serious student of geography.

This book was first published in 1949.

part |1 pages

Part I. General Features

part |1 pages

Part II. Historical

chapter VII|12 pages

Greek Towns

chapter VIII|15 pages


chapter IX|17 pages

Early Medieval Towns

chapter XI|24 pages

The Modern City: London and New York

part |1 pages

Part III. Topographic and Other Controls

chapter XIII|24 pages

Towns Sited on Rivers: Fall Towns

chapter XIV|35 pages

Seaports and Lake Ports

chapter XV|23 pages

Mountain Towns: The Brenner Corridor

chapter XVI|23 pages

Mining Towns

chapter XVII|25 pages

Religious Centres and Resort Towns

chapter XVIII|25 pages

Planned Cities: Canberra

chapter XIX|22 pages

Regional Surveys: New York State Survey

chapter XX|28 pages

Classification and Conclusions