This book was first published in 1954, A Modern English Grammar on Historical Principles is a valuable contribution to the field of English Grammar and Linguistics.

chapter I|18 pages


chapter II|43 pages

The Basis. Consonants

chapter III|49 pages

The Basis. Vowels and Diphthongs

chapter IV|39 pages

The Basis. Quantity

chapter V|36 pages


chapter VI|22 pages

The Earliest Changes

chapter VII|23 pages

Early Changes in Consonant-Groups

chapter VIII|17 pages

The Great Vowel-Shift

chapter IX|36 pages

Unstressed Vowels

chapter X|34 pages

Loss of Consonants and Rise of

chapter XI|22 pages

Seventeenth-Century Vowel-Changes

chapter XII|15 pages

Seventeenth-Century Consonant-Changes

chapter XIII|32 pages

Eighteenth-Century Changes

chapter XIV|27 pages

Present English Sounds. Consonants

chapter XV|26 pages

Present English Sounds. Vowels

chapter XVI|16 pages