Sexually explicit sculptures may be found on a number of medieval churches in France and Spain. This fascinating study examines the origins and purposes of these sculptures, viewing them not as magical fertility symbols, nor even as idols of ancient pre-Christian religions, but as serious works that dealt with the sexual customs and salvation of medieval folk, and thus gave support to the Church's moral teachings.

chapter |4 pages


chapter 1|12 pages


chapter 2|8 pages

Ugly as sin

chapter 3|9 pages

The Romanesque background

chapter 4|8 pages

The entertainers

chapter 7|11 pages

Disgust for the flesh

chapter 8|9 pages

More priapic figures

chapter 9|11 pages

Rude gestures and ruder postures

chapter 10|12 pages

More female exhibitionists

chapter 11|22 pages

The distribution of sexual carvings

chapter 12|6 pages

Exhibitionists and folklore