Action, Emotion and Will was first published in 1963, when it was one of the first books to provoke serious interest in the emotions and philosophy of human action. Almost forty years on, Anthony Kenny's account of action and emotion is still essential reading for anyone interested in these topics.
The first part of the book takes an historical look at the emotions in the work of Descartes, Locke and particularly Hume. In the second part, Kenny moves on to discuss some of the experimental work on the emotions by 20th Century psychologists like William James. Separate chapters cover feelings, motives, desire and pleasure. This edition features a brand new preface by the author.

1. The Passions of the Soul 2. The experiemental Examination of The Emotions 3. Feelings 4. Motives 5. Desire 6. Pleasure 7. Actions and Relations 8. States, Performances, Activities 9. Objects 10. Judging and Willing 11. Sketch of A Theory of Volition.