In this innovative contribution to the field of environmental history, Stephen Mosley explores the devastating human and environmental costs of smoke pollution in the world’s first industrial city. 

part |1 pages

Part One: The Nature of Smoke

chapter |5 pages

Coal, steam and people

chapter |6 pages

Sensing smoke

chapter |10 pages

The influence of climate and topography

chapter |10 pages

Blackening the face of nature

chapter |5 pages

Smoke and architecture

chapter |4 pages

The urban smoke cycle

chapter |4 pages

Living with smoke

chapter |9 pages

Smoke and health

chapter |2 pages

Accommodating smoke

part |1 pages

Part Two: Stories About Smoke

chapter |19 pages

Wealth and well-being

chapter |24 pages

Waste and inefficiency

chapter |4 pages

Choosing to live with smoke

part |1 pages

Part Three The Search for Solutions

chapter |27 pages

Setting the agenda for change

chapter |36 pages

The search for solutions continues

chapter |10 pages

Epilogue: Too Little, Too Late?