Translated from Italian into English, The Life of Caesar, by the noted Italian historian Guglielmo Ferrero, is, as the title would suggest, a biography of the great Roman Dictator Julius Caesar. Ferrero's book, however, cannot be described just as a biography. His work, in fact, can be more accurately defined as a complete history not only of Julius Caesar's life, but also of his times, the time of the fall of the Roman Republic.

chapter I|16 pages

Rome and Italy a Century before Christ

chapter II|17 pages

The Sullan Reaction

chapter III|19 pages

Cæsar's Début in Politics

chapter IV|13 pages

The Conquest of Bithynia

chapter VI|16 pages

The New Popular Party

chapter VIII|14 pages

The Fall of Lucullus

chapter IX|7 pages

Cicero and the Manilian Law

chapter X|10 pages

The Egyptian Project

chapter XI|13 pages

How Cæsar Became a Demagogue

chapter XII|18 pages


chapter XIII|15 pages

The Return of Pompey and the Trial of Clodius

chapter XIV|23 pages

The Three-Headed Monster

chapter XV|22 pages


chapter XVI|23 pages

Cæsar's First Year in Gaul

chapter XVII|13 pages

The Annexation of Gaul

chapter XVIII|10 pages

Democratic Imperialism

chapter XIX|12 pages

The Second Consulship of Crassus and Pompey

chapter XX|12 pages

The “Conquest” of Britain

chapter XXI|17 pages

The Invasion of Parthia

chapter XXIII|12 pages

The Disorders and the Progress of Italy

chapter XXVI|16 pages

Initium Tumultus, 50 B.C.

chapter XXVII|16 pages

Bellum Civile

chapter XXVIII|14 pages

The War in Spain, 49 B.C.

chapter XXIX|15 pages

Pharsalia, 48 B.C.

chapter XXX|15 pages

Cleopatra, 48–47 B.C.

chapter XXXI|13 pages

Cæsar's Triumphs, 46 B.C.

chapter XXXII|20 pages

Cæsar's Last Ambition—The Conquest of Parthia

chapter XXXIII|13 pages

The Ides of March