This first part contains only the text and a glossary. In the second part, with Introduction concerning the MSS. and the arrangement of the texts, &c. I may therefore, here confine myself to a very few remarks.

In addition to the ordinary contraction signs the scribe of the Gough MS. frequently make a stroke over or otherwise adds a a stroke to the last letter of the words.

part 1|288 pages


chapter 1|4 pages

Advent Sonday.

chapter 9|4 pages

De Innocentibus et Eorum Festiuitate.

chapter 12|5 pages

De Epiphania Domini Sermo Breuis.

chapter 13|4 pages

De Conuercione Sancti Pauli.

chapter 15|7 pages

De Dominica in Septuagesima Breuis Sermo.

chapter 16|5 pages

De Dominica in Sexagesima Breuis Sermo.

chapter 17|4 pages

De Dominica in Quinquagesima Sermo Breuis.

chapter 19|3 pages

De Dominica in Quadragesima Sermo Breuis.

chapter 20|7 pages

De Dominica Prima Quadragesime 1 .

chapter 21|4 pages

De Dominica Secunda Quadragesime.

chapter 23|5 pages

De Dominica Quarta Quadragesime.

chapter 24|4 pages

De Anunciacione Dominica Sermo Breuis.||

chapter 26|2 pages

Dominica in Ramis Palmarum Sermo Breuis.

chapter 27|4 pages

Sermo Iste Debet Dici ad Tenebras 1 .

chapter 30|3 pages

De Festo Pasche.

chapter 31|3 pages

De Festo Sancti Georgii, Martyris.

chapter 32|3 pages

De Sancto Marco Sermo Breuis.

chapter 36|2 pages

De Diebus Rogacionum 2 Sermo Breuis.

chapter 38|3 pages

De Vigilia Pentecostes Sermo Breuis.

chapter 40|5 pages

De Festo Trinitatis Sermo Breuis.

chapter 43|5 pages

De Solempnitate Sancte Weneffrede

chapter 46|5 pages

Denarracio de Morte Neronis Sermo 4 .

chapter 47|3 pages

De Translacione Sancti Thome Sermo Breuis.

chapter 48|3 pages

De Solempnitate Sancte Margarete Virginis.

chapter 58|3 pages

De Exaltacione Sancte Crucis Sermo Breuis.

chapter 59|2 pages

De Ieiunio Quatuor Temporum.

chapter 64|3 pages

De Festo Omnium. Sanctorum Sermo Breuis.

chapter 68|4 pages

De Dedicacione Ecclesie Sermo Breuis.

chapter 69|7 pages

De Oracione Dominica.

part II|15 pages


chapter 70|4 pages

Sermo de Nupcijs.

chapter 71|4 pages

In Die Sepulture Aucuira Mortet.

chapter 72|2 pages

Qui Sunt Sepeliendi in Cimiterio.

chapter 73|1 pages

De Salutacione Beate Marie Sermo.

chapter 74|3 pages

De Mikac[u]lis Beate Marie.