From Student to Scholar guides graduate students through the "hidden" developmental transition required in writing a dissertation and moving beyond, to become a successful scholar. Identifying common rhetorical challenges across disciplines, author Hjortshoj explains how to accommodate evolving audiences, motivations, standards, writing processes, and timelines. One full chapter is devoted to "writing blocks," and another offers advice to international students who are non-native speakers of English. The text also offers advice for managing relations with advisors and preparing for the diverse careers that PhDs, trained primarily as research specialists, actually enter. On the basis of more than thirty years of consultations with graduate students, this volume is an important addition to graduate thesis seminars and composition courses, as well as an invaluable reference for writing centers, workshops, and learning support centers.

chapter |19 pages

The Hidden Transition

chapter |32 pages

The Rhetoric of Student Writing

chapter |16 pages

Relations with Advisors

chapter |37 pages

Getting the Work Done

chapter |23 pages

Writing Blocks

chapter |11 pages

A Note to International Students

chapter |9 pages

Looking Ahead