First published in 1898, and following on from Volume 1, this second volume charts the history of medieval warfare from 1278 to 1485. Written by Sir Charles Oman, one of the great medievalists of his time, this book remains for students and general readers one of the best accounts of military art in the Middle Ages. Many of the chapters have been re-written in view of new research. This edition is based on Methuen’s 1978 revised and enlarged edition, which includes new chapters on the Swiss Confederacy, the Tartars, the Ottoman Turks, The Italian Condottieri, the English campaigns in France in the 15th century, the Wars of the Roses, and the early employment of artillery.


part Book VII|54 pages

Arms, Fortification, and Siegecraft 1100–1300

chapter I|7 pages

Arms and Armour (1100–1300) 1

chapter II|33 pages

Fortification (1100–1300)

chapter III|12 pages

Siegecraft (1100–1300)

part Book VIII|54 pages

England, Wales, and Scotland, 1296–1333—Development of the Longbow

part Book IX|94 pages

The Longbow in France and Spain 1337–1396

part Book X|27 pages

Gunpowder and Cannon 1250–1450

part Book XII|32 pages

Italy in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries—The Condottieri

part Book XIII|58 pages

Eastern Europe and the Near East 1230–1500

chapter I|21 pages

Eastern Europe and the Tartars

chapter II|25 pages

South-Eastern Europe and the Ottoman Turks

part Book XIV|54 pages

The Fifteenth Century in Western Europe 1400–1485

chapter |12 pages


The Art of War at the End of the Middle Ages