Unlocking Company Law is the ideal resource for learning and revising Company Law. This 4th edition has been extensively updated, and this, along with its many pedagogical features, makes it the ideal companion for students studying Company Law.

Each chapter in the book contains:

• aims and objectives;

• activities such as self-test questions;

• charts of key facts to consolidate your knowledge;

• diagrams to aid memory and understanding;

• prominently displayed cases and judgments;

• chapter summaries;

• essay questions with answer plans.

In addition, the book features a glossary of legal terminology, making the law more accessible.

chapter 1|40 pages

Introduction to company law

chapter 2|40 pages

Legal structures of business organisations

chapter 3|40 pages

The company as a distinct and legal person

chapter 4|24 pages

Company formation and linked issues

chapter 5|34 pages

The constitution of the company

chapter 6|16 pages

Financing a company

chapter 7|32 pages

Shareholders, shares and share capital

chapter 8|38 pages

Capital maintenance and distributions

chapter 9|46 pages

Corporate governance

chapter 10|30 pages

Legally binding the company

chapter 14|34 pages

Shareholder remedies

chapter 16|38 pages

Winding up and dissolution of a company

chapter 17|18 pages