This simple-to-use, practical guide to altering or extending property is invaluable to all those who are trying to ensure that the processes involved are carried out efficiently and cost-effectively. For those working or planning to work in the construction industry, it will remind them of the pitfalls of local requirements, building control and planning.

part |1 pages

PART ONE: Introduction

chapter |2 pages

The need for control

chapter |2 pages

The Local Authority

part |1 pages

PART TWO: More on Planning

part |1 pages

PART THREE: More on Building Control

part |1 pages

PART FOUR: Building Construction

chapter |11 pages

The foundations

chapter |13 pages

External walls

chapter |3 pages

Internal walls

chapter |5 pages

Ground floors

chapter |2 pages

Timber upper floors

chapter |8 pages

Flat roofs

chapter |12 pages

Pitched roofs

chapter |1 pages

Finishes etc.

chapter |4 pages


chapter |4 pages

Drainage and plumbing

part |1 pages

Part Five: Mainly for Consultants/Conclusion

chapter |7 pages

Meeting the client

chapter |2 pages