Although attention, perception and memory are identifiable components of the human cognitive system, this book argues that for a complete understanding of any of them it is necessary to appreciate the way they interact and depend on one another. Using close examination of experiments, studies of patients and evidence from cognitive neuroscience, each of these important areas in cognitive psychology is explored in detail and related to its counterparts. Written by an established author, Attention, Perception and Memory: An Integrated Introduction explains clearly the evolution and meaning of key terminology and assumptions and puts the different approaches to this field in context.

chapter |10 pages


The problem 4 Attention, perception and memory 5

chapter |16 pages

So what must be explained, and how can we find the answer?

Cognitive psychology and the

chapter |20 pages


A starry night 28 The beginnings of psychological experience 28 Detection and sensation 29

chapter |28 pages

Visual attention

Selective visual attention 74

chapter |28 pages

The world of objects and people

Recognising objects in a complex world 102

chapter |30 pages

Auditory perception and memory

The world of sound 130

chapter |24 pages

Touch and pain

The world at your fingertips 160 Sensitivity: Localisation of the touch sensation 161

chapter |28 pages

Auditory and cross-modal attention

At the cinema 184 Auditory attention 185

chapter |34 pages

Varieties of memory

The fragile present and the permanent past 242 Some early views of memory 243

chapter |28 pages

Representing and manipulating information

Thinking about your holiday 276 Working memory: Representing