This major new text presents a collection of recent writings on architecture and urbanism in the United States, with topics ranging from colonial to contemporary times.  In terms of content and scope, there is no collection, in or out of print, directly comparable to this one. The essays are drawn from the past twenty years' of publishing in the field, arranged chronologically from colonial to contemporary and accessible in thematic groupings, contextualized and introduced by Keith Eggener.

Drawing together 24 illustrated essays by major and emerging scholars in the field, American Architectural History is a valuable resource for students of the history of American art, architecture, urbanism, and material culture.

part |2 pages

Part 1

chapter |14 pages

1982 John R. Stilgoe National design

Mercantile cities and the grid

chapter |20 pages

1986 Dell Upton Space

Parish churches, courthouses, and dwellings in colonial Virginia

part |2 pages

Part 2

chapter |20 pages

1999 Mary N. Woods The first professional

Benjamin Henry Latrobe

chapter |10 pages

2002 W. Barksdale Maynard The Greek Revival

Americanness, politics and economics

part |2 pages

Part 4

chapter |19 pages

1999 Margaret Kentgens-Craig The search for modernity

America, the International Style, and the Bauhaus

chapter |3 pages

Part 5

Shifting scenes: modernism and postmodernism

chapter |26 pages

1998 Alice T. Friedman People who live in glass houses: Edith Farnsworth,

Edith Farnsworth, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Philip Johnson

chapter |10 pages

1996 Joan Ockman Mirror images

Technology, consumption, and the representation of gender in American architecture since World War II

chapter |25 pages

1989 Mary McLeod The battle for the monument

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

part |2 pages

Part 6

chapter |5 pages

1992 Michael Sorkin Introduction

Variations on a theme park

chapter |7 pages

1997 Marc Spiegler Planes of existence

Chicago and O’Hare International Airport