The Business of Advertising outlines the practice of the advertising trades, some of the more important restrictions on advertising, and a few of the questions which arise in connexion with the business.

First published in 1905.

1. The Business of Advertising and its Utility  2. The History of Advertising  3. The Business of Mural Advertising  4. The Business of Advertising in the Press  5. The Business of Advertising by Circular  6. Art and Advertising: The Pictorial Poster  7. The Bill-Posters’ Associations and their Censorship Committees  8. The Taxation and Rating of Advertisements  9. Restrictions on Advertising  10. The Problem of Control.  Appendices. 1. Bye-Laws of the London County Council with Regard to Flash and Search Lights  2. Usual Definition of a Sky Sign  3. The Farnworth Clause  4. The Dover Clause.  Index.