A History of Religion in America: From the First Settlements through the Civil War provides comprehensive coverage of the history of religion in America from the pre-colonial era through the aftermath of the Civil War. It explores major religious groups in the United States and the following topics:

• Native American religion before and after the Columbian encounter

• Religion and the Founding Fathers

• Was America founded as a Christian nation?

• Religion and reform in the 19th century

• The first religious outsiders

• A nation and its churches divided


Chronologically arranged and integrating various religious developments into a coherent historical narrative, this book also contains useful chapter summaries and review questions. Designed for undergraduate religious studies and history students A History of Religion in America provides a substantive and comprehensive introduction to the complexity of religion in American history.

chapter |3 pages


chapter 3|19 pages

Religion and the American Revolution

chapter 4|23 pages

Religion and the Early Republic

chapter 5|20 pages

Religion and the age of reform

chapter 6|24 pages

A people apart

chapter 7|22 pages

Civil war and the churches