Love is less confined than ever, as is our desire to capture it.

Engagement photography has become an essential and valuable component of wedding photography for both your clients and your photography business. Successfully booking romantic portrait sessions and providing your couples with creative, playful, and beautiful images can mean a lasting –and lucrative- relationship. Award winning photographer Stephanie Williams shares her approach to engagement photography, including her thoughts on the psychology of shooting and directing couples, current industry trends, and the use of blogs and social media. Discover photography tips on romantic styling, workflow, and branding that will help get your engagement sessions recognized by prospective clients and industry publications. Whether you are an aspiring photographer or established professional, this book is sure to inform and inspire your next photo shoot.

Read tips and testimonials from prominent wedding professionals, bloggers, editors and stylists, as well as Stephanie’s actual clients.

Learn how to build your brand and get your work published.

Improve or refresh your technical skill through practical lighting, equipment, and technique guidance.

Diversify the way you interact with clients and style your shoots.

Be inspired through gorgeous photographs.

    • The Intention of the Engagement Session
      • Educating couples & Planting the seeds
      • Client Rapport and building trust
      • Value added to your packages and print sales

    • Current trends in engagement photography
      • Using Props
      • Bridal blogs
      • Finding inspiration and staying relevant

    • Choosing your Equipment
      • Being comfortable with your equipment
      • Film & Digital
      • Stephanie’s camera bag

    • On Lighting
      • Different types of lighting
      • Getting creative with lighting

    • Scouting & Location Selection
      • Finding locations that inspire you and your couple
      • Permits and travel fees

    • The Art of Directing & Creating Flow
      • Psychology behind putting your couples at ease
      • The art of Directing
      • Using your own voice and body language

    • Composition & Color
      • Rule of thirds
      • Lens choice
      • Fine art style
      • Keeping it simple

    • Wardrobe & Styling
      • Using props
      • Storyboarding your session
      • Moodboards and stylists

    • Work flow and Post Processing
      • Post processing techniques
      • Ways to proof and sell to your couples

    • A Note on the importance of Branding and Online Presence