This book offers a wide-ranging account of the emerging issues of international politics in the Artic, and the emerging Geopolitical debates that surround the region.

In this thorough but accessible book covering environmental issues, the author examines the Geopolitics of emerging land and resource disputes and the rise of both nationalist and pan-Arctic movements in the region. Whereas existing literature on the politics of the Arctic tends to focus either on the environment or on Geopolitical interests, this book considers both of these themes in addition to the politics of the region’s indigenous peoples and provides an overview on the emerging issues of international politics in the Arctic. The book makes full use of pedagogic features such as maps, diagrams, timelines, biographies and boxes highlighting key concepts and issues in order to make this an accessible book for both students and scholars alike.

This book will be of interest to students and scholars of International Relations, Arctic Politics, Environmental Politics and European Politics.

1. The International Political Wilderness  2. Imperialism- The Last Great Territorial Scramble?  3. Globalization- Environmental Change and Human Security in the Arctic  4. Decolonization- ‘The Cold Wind of Change'  5. Intergovernmental Cooperation: the Top Table  6. Non-governmental Cooperation- The rise and significance of transnational solidarity amongst the Indigenous peoples and scientists of the Arctic  7. Conclusions: Coming in From the Cold