Using a critical theory approach to analyze the globalization of the world economy, this provocative and topical new book presents economic globalization not as a recent development, but rather as a familiar process that has occurred throughout history. Michael McKinley argues that it is ultimately a self-serving, arbitrary and destructive imperial project that should be viewed as a religious war.

Introduction  Part 1:  1. Neo-liberal War: Casus Belli, Promises of Progress, Strategies of Dominance, Fraud  2. Triage: A Survey of Casualties in the Neo-liberal Combat Zone  Part 2:  3. American Decline and the Ascendancy of Economics: Neo-liberalism as New Containment Doctrine and Theory of Globalisation  4. The Americanisation of the New Economics: American Exceptionalism and American Religion  Part 3:  5. Suprema a Situ 1: Economics in the University and the World  Part 4:  6. Equivalence and Convergence: Neo-liberal Globalisation as War and Militarisation  7. Congruence: Economics as War  8. Romanita: Reformation and Counter-reformation in Neoclassical Economics/Neo-Liberalism (Economics-as-Religion)  9. Conclusion